Best of Tucson® 2021: Legends of the West!

Round 1 Voting Is Here!

Yee-haw, Tucson! It’s time to cast your ballots in the first round of voting in Best of Tucson® 2021: Legends of the West!

That’s right, pardner: We want to know what you think about the best shops, parks, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bands and all the other stuff that makes this dusty cowtown the place to be!

It’s your choices that make Best of Tucson® the rootin’est, tootin’est issue of the year, but we don’t want you thinking you can’t vote unless you have an opinion in every category. We’re just asking that you vote in at least 15 categories this year. (And really, if you can’t manage that, maybe it’s time you get to know Tucson a little better?)

You’ve probably voted in Best of Tucson® before, but just in case, here’s how it works: In our first round of voting, y’all nominate anyone you want for all our categories.

That said, we emphasize local businesses in Best of Tucson® so if you want your choice to make it to the second round, you might want to avoid voting for national chains.

Once this round of voting wraps up on July 12, Web Editor Mike Truelsen will tally the results and we’ll be back with a final showdown with five finalists in every category.


  1. One ballot per person, please. We're watching IP addresses, so be honest!
  2. Voting for the first round ends at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, July 12.
  3. Ballots without a full name and an email address or a phone number will be thrown out and NOT counted. We check these things. Really! These email addresses and phone numbers will be used ONLY for ballot-verification purposes. Ballots using fake email addresses or phone numbers will be deleted.
  4. You must vote in at least 15 different categories for us to count the ballot. Don't have an opinion on at least 15 categories? Maybe skip voting this time and make a resolution to experience more of Tucson before we do Best of Tucson again next year.
  5. If you have no opinion in a category, you can skip voting in it.
  6. Ballot-box stuffing is a no-no. You can do simple campaigning—i.e., put up a sign encouraging readers to vote for you, or you can link from your website to ours—but anything beyond that is forbidden. Any businesses, groups or individuals suspected of stuffing may be disqualified at the discretion of the editor. If you have questions or a tip regarding suspected ballot-box stuffing, e-mail


This survey is closed. Thank you for your interest!