Best of Tucson® 2019: Magic Town

Please note that this survey determined the final nominees for Best of Tucson® 2019 and is now closed. To vote on the finalists in Best of Tucson, please visit

Tucson is a magical town. You might even say it’s a magic kingdom, if it wouldn’t get you sued. And the Weekly is once again gonna celebrate Tucson’s most magical museums, restaurants, brewpubs, dive bars, coffee houses, annual spectacles, playgrounds and all the rest in this year’s Best of Tucson.

But to take this magic carpet ride, we need your help to decide the best. You can nominate anyone in any category through midnight, June 17. We’ll then tally those primary results to get the top five nominees in each category. Those top finalists will compete for your votes through midnight, Aug. 4. And on Oct. 24, we’ll announce the winners in our special Best of Tucson collector’s edition!

Before you dig into the ballot, a few rules:

1. One ballot per person, please. We're watching IP addresses, so be honest!

2. Ballots without a full name and an email address or a phone number will be thrown out and NOT counted. We check these things. Really! These Please note that this survey was to determine nominees and is now closed. To vote for Best of Tucson® finalists, please visit:

email addresses and phone numbers will be used ONLY for ballot-verification purposes. Ballots using fake email addresses or phone numbers will be deleted.

3. You must vote in at least 30 different categories for us to count the ballot. Don't have an opinion on at least 30 categories? Well, get out of the house right now and start living a little, for crying out loud!

4. If you have no opinion in a category, please LEAVE IT BLANK.

5. New this year: No business can win in more than one category, so don’t fill in Fascinations for Best Hot Dog. Spread the love to other establishments in our hometown.

6. Ballot-box stuffing is a no-no. You can do simple campaigning—i.e., put up a sign encouraging readers to vote for you, or you can link from your website to ours—but anything beyond that is forbidden. (Well, OK, you can buy an ad in our fine publication.) Any businesses, groups or individuals suspected of stuffing may be disqualified at the discretion of the editor. If you have questions or a tip regarding suspected ballot-box-stuffing, e-mail Thanks!

7. Please only vote for local institutions. We're here to celebrate Tucson. Votes for national chains will not be counted.

Having trouble logging in?

If you've ever voted for something on our website before — perhaps a previous year's Best of Tucson? — you have to type your name the exact same way you did the first time, or the system will not let you in to vote. Maybe last year you didn't capitalize your first name? Or perhaps you left off your last name? If you can't figure out what is going wrong, please email our Web Editor Tirion Morris ( and she'll set you straight.

This survey is closed. Thank you for your interest!